La Via dei Ciliegi展の選抜作家・出展証明書


I recently received a certificate acknowledging my participation as an artist in the La Via dei Ciliegi exhibition held in Bari this past April.

先日、4月にバーリで開催されたthe La Via dei Ciliegi展の選抜作家・出展証明書を受取りました。

The certificate includes the following commentary on my work by international art critic Mr. Pasquale Di Matteo:


“Sakiko Yanagisawa has beautifully captured rain, with impeccable technique and harmonious color, presenting two works that are like pure poetry. Yanagisawa has achieved not only a visual representation of raindrops and water, but an evocation of the smell of rain and sound of raindrops. Art that can render reality with such style gives voice to the soul.”