Two of my works were printed last month in the international art book “ART MAISON INTERNATIONAL Vol.28,” published by A.M.S.C (ART MAISON SELECTING COMMITTEE).

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The review accompanying those works was written by Mr. Alain Bazard, representative of the painting department of the French Artists Association (Le Salon).

Since its launch in 1996, it has been published once a year, with the entire text written in both English and Japanese, as an art book that introduces various genres of Japanese art to the world.

The reviews written from the perspectives of masters of Le Salon (French Artists Association), art critics, university professors, art appraisers, and famous art dealers are also worth reading.

This book will be donated to the Louvre Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, the Prado Museum, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Japanese Prefectural Library.

Mr. Alain Bazard’s review of my work reads as follows.

Sakiko Yanagisawa’s calligraphy is influenced by nature, poetry, and the invisible entities that surrounds us. Just as science explores atoms and molecules invisible to the naked eye, her calligraphy has the power to evoke them. Calligraphy is an art form that can take us to many different worlds, depending on the calligrapher’s subjectivity. Sumi ink, paper, and water are essential for Yanagisawa, as they are for other calligraphers, to express her spirit and inspiration.

In the work titled “Flower”, the kanji character for flower, “hana” emerges from chaos. The sumi ink, which contains plenty of water, brings a marvelous sweetness to gasenshi paper, and the gray lines of the calligraphy take on a rainbow-like luminosity. The lightness of the sumi ink, which Yanagisawa must have been pursuing, is expressed beautifully in this work. “Everything is Essentially Nothing” is a work that truly illustrates Yanagisawa’s own words, “Essentially there is nothing, nothing to be attached to, a state of emptiness.” It evokes a rustic atmosphere.

先月発行された国際美術書籍『ART MAISON INTERNATIONAL Vol.28』に私の作品2点が掲載されました。


この『ART MAISON INTERNATIONAL』は、1996年の創刊以来、日本のさまざまなジャンルの美術を世界に紹介するアートブックとして、全文英語と日本語の併記で年に1回発行されています。