一昨日発行の国際美術書籍『ART MAISON INTERNATIONAL Vol.27』に私の作品が掲載されました。







I think that there are many vertically long works in calligraphy, such as hanging scrolls, but Sakiko Yanagisawa creates in a horizontally long style that I don’t see very often.

Various traces of sumi ink remain in her work “Quiet” shown here. In this work Yanagisawa glues pieces of paper together and writes a single kanji character “kan”(quiet) in one breath. As she herself says, she connects papers that blot sumi ink differently and uses them as supports, as I can feel from her works that the enjoys the characteristics of the paper, which allows sumi ink to blot through.

At a glance, the kanji character written here appears to fragmented. This difference can be seen especially in the intensely blotchy white paper in the center. However, despite the slight deviation in the lines, the brightness of the overlapping papers stands out, which creates a stronger sense of unity within the work.

This work proves that the fusion of gasenshi paper and washi paper, and sumi ink and it’s bleeding creates an impression that shines from within. Alain Bazard